Moving the Cursor

The text cursor can be moved using the arrow keys on the keyboard. The corresponding commands are:
Left Arrow
Left One
Left Two

Down Arrow
Down One
Down Two

Right Arrow
Right One
Right Two

Up Arrow
Up One
Up Two

Page Up
Page Down

Beginning of Line
End of Line

Beginning of Document
End of Document

Cursor Up
Cursor Down
Cursor Left
Cursor Right

Add your own Commands

It is easy to create/add your own commands. The Action codes for moving the text cursor are:

{Left}, {Right}, {Up}, {Down}, {Home}, {End}, {Tab}

The Left Two command uses the action code: "{Left,2}".

You could create your own Left Five command by entering the action code: "{Left,5}" which tells the computer to press the "Left" key five times.

Complex Actions

You can combine these codes to perform complex cursor movements. For example, if your work requires you to frequently press "Tab" followed by three "Down" arrows and then the "Home" key, you could create a voice command with the action codes: {Tab}{Down,3}{Home}

This will put your cursor just where you want it and save you from having to press all those keys.

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