Do you have a version that runs on a MAC or other operating system?

No. Sorry. Only Microsoft Windows systems. Much of the technology behind the operation of this program is based on two key technologies from Microsoft: the Speech Application Program Interface (SAPI) and the .NET framework.

I have upgraded my computer but have lost the Release Code. What can I do now?

You can request a new release code sent to you. Visit: Request Code.

Can I dictate a letter or memo using this software?

No. This software is for command and control of your computer. You can use this software to start and stop programs, menus, respond to dialog boxes, and perform other computer functions. You can use this software in conjunction with Microsoft's Office XP or Office 2000 Suite of programs. Microsoft provides a dication speech engine with those software products. The e-Speaking product works in conjunction with Microsoft's dication speech engine by enhancing the capabilities of you to control your Windows system through your voice.

How do I pause the software when I don't want it to listen to my voice?

You can say: stop listening or standby.

How do I resume the software when I want it to listen to my voice again?

You can say: begin listening, computer, resume, or listen to me.

What is the purpose of the "?" symbol that sometimes appears in phrases?

This allows for even more possible combinations of the words for recognition. For example the recognition possibilities for the Verb "Open" combined with the Noun "File" can be augmented with the "?" in the form of: open ? file where the "?" is a wildcard that can represent any other word such as open a file or open new file. The Verb and Noun in "Close Document" can be augmented to form: "close ? document" which would fit the patterns of: close this document or close my document.

Does this software work with programs from companies other than Microsoft?

Yes. The software will work with any program that runs in the Windows operating system.