Options Tab

Mouse movement and Mouse button commands are toggled on an off through the Options tab. For the initial installation, the defaults will be set to:
Mouse Movement - Off
Mouse Buttons - On

Moving the Mouse

The mouse can be moved using your voice. The corresponding commands are:
Mouse Left
Mouse Right
Mouse Down
Mouse Up

Slow, Medium, and Fast - Default Starting Speed of the mouse can be changed in the menu for the Mouse. Whenever you indicate that the mouse should move in a direction, the computer will start the mouse moving at the "default starting speed". You may adjust this as the mouse is moving by saying: Faster or Slower. The Faster and Slower commands will incrementally change the speed of the mouse. You may repeat the command until you obtain the desired mouse speed.

To get the mouse to stop moving, say: Stop

If the mouse does not respond to your commands, make sure the "Movement Commands" option is checked (on) in the Mouse Menu.

Mouse Buttons

Sometimes clicking and double-clicking the mouse can be a pain (literally). What a "drag". Who invented that thing? Seriously though, you can save some effort by issuing the voice commands to control the mouse buttons by saying:
Double Click
Right Click
Drag Item
Drag File
Drag Object
Release Item
Release File
Release Object