What is the Microsoft Speech Application Program Interface (SAPI)?

This software, from Microsoft, permits the development of computer applications that can recognize speech. This technology is used for automated telephone systems and a variety of computer applications.

Do I need SAPI?

Yes. The e-Speaking program does not work without SAPI. Also, SAPI allows you to have multiple languages and user profiles.

How can I get it?

You can download SAPI from Microsoft or from e-Speaking. The file from Microsoft is about 64 megabytes and the file from e-Speaking is about 50 megabytes.

Download SAPI from e-Speaking

You can download a self-extracting SAPI 5 installation file here.

Download SAPI from Microsoft

SAPI is part of the Speech Software Development Kit (SDK). To get SAPI, you need to download and install the Speech SDK from Microsoft. Please note that the Speech SDK is downloaded as a single large self-extracting file. This file is approximately 64MB in size and would take about 12 minutes to download using DSL or a Cable modem.

You may save or open the Microsoft Speech SDK from the following location:

What do I do after I download the Speech SDK from Microsoft?

The Self-Extracting ZIP file will create 10 files in a folder you specify (e.g., "C:\SpeechSDK\"). One of those files will be a setup file (Setup.exe).
Next, run the "Setup" file in that directory (e.g., "C:\SpeechSDK\Setup.exe").

The Install Shield will guide you through the installation process.

Once installed, you can start e-Speaking again.